The City That Never Sleeps

I spent the greater part of today uploading my New York travel vlog, skimming through top lifestyle/personal/travel/fashion blogs for inspiration, and setting up this cute little thing. (It’s one of those things where you have to start somewhere, and you gotta keep consistently posting content to make it work. It makes me admire these lifestyle writers and bloggers a lot more.)

So today is day one, and here I am! Today’s feature is a vlog from my past two trips to New York this fall. I’ve been traveling to RVA quite a bit for work, and rather than take the 8+ hour flight back to SFO (how are there no non-stop flights?!), I opted to explore parts of the East Coast over some weekends instead.

To honor the Big Apple’s slogan, “The City That Never Sleeps,” I structured the video in such a way that it appears to be one really, really long day from evening to evening. In reality, it’s probably impossible to go to so many places in 24 hours (unless you have the ability to time travel).

Most of my adventuring was primarily in Manhattan, although I did make it to Brooklyn and Newport, NJ for a little bit. I’m excited to see more of New York’s boroughs the next time I’m there, the first week of this upcoming new year!


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