Washi Tape

I got a few rolls of washi tape for my birthday, and have found a whole new way of looking at room decorating! I basically tried to apply washi tape on anything and everything that it would stick on (which is really, everything). I know what I’m stocking up on next time I’m in Asia. ^-^

I figured if I was going to showcase some of the things I decorated, I might as well as give a mini tour to show off the rest of my room. Creating a comfortable environment is really important to me, and I’m always trying to make my living space a little more homey. I think this is partially because my parents took me to see a lot of model homes when I was growing up.

Without further ado…welcome to my apartment!

1. Jewelry cork boards – I made the framed one (on left) with my high school best friend the summer before our first year of college. When I entered my dorm room and met my freshman year roommate for the first time, I saw that she had made the exact same thing! What a coincidence. This thing has followed me around from apartment to apartment ever since.

2. Instax film photo string – Fujifilm’s instax film is often mistaken as a “mini Polaroid” (see featured photo). Ever since my dad got me one for my birthday a few years ago, you’ll never see me without it at a special occasion or a months-in-the-making reunion/hangout.

3. Crocheted elephants – Funny story, but it’s sort of a long one. To make it short, I bought the mini grey one only to be surprised with the pink on on my birthday! They sort of look like mini marshmallows.

4. Clay pottery (make up holder) – I took a pottery wheel art class my senior year at Berkeley (hardest class I’ve ever taken; if we got grades for it I might have failed), and left with a few unique, handmade pottery pieces. I had a lot of trouble “raising the walls,” so most of my pieces became more useful for organizing my make up and jewelry as opposed to holding a cup of tea… 

5. Washi-taped light switch & weekly planner – Just some of my initial washi-taped DIYs. White board weekly planners are so helpful with planning my week 🙂


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