Make it a great day

Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.

This was how our middle school principal would close her morning announcements.

As middle schoolers, we hardly paid attention to her daily ounce of positivity other than to repeat it mockingly amongst ourselves. But almost a decade later, it’s snuck its way into my subconscious, and here I am writing about it. Good job, Mrs. Keating.

I have had the privilege of ringing in 2017 in New York with my boyfriend this past week. One of the highlights of our trip was watching the Broadway show, A Bronx Tale. We got to the box office right around 7 PM to pick up our tickets. Turns out, another pair (the Chau‘s) had “accidentally” taken our tickets. With the show seconds away from starting, we were assigned better seats and quickly rushed into the Longacre Theatre.

I was filled with nothing but awe and wonder as the usher led us to the front of the theater with his flashlight (orchestra, sixth row!), only to suddenly be filled with dread when we saw that the only two open seats weren’t right next to each other – again, someone was sitting in our seats. Disappointed, but not wanting to be more of a distraction, we maneuvered our way through with a series of apologetic and hushed “excuse me’s”.

Turns out, a couple had sat in the wrong section, shifting the seating arrangements of three other couples (ourselves included). The ushers were extremely attentive and cleared up the situation during intermission, and I enjoyed Act II sitting next to the bf. ^_^ If the box office is going to upgrade our seats every time something like this happens, another pair of Chao’s, Chow’s, or Chou’s can take my tickets any day!

Fast forward to today – where we experienced our first snowfall in the city (soooo many New Yorkers asked us if it was the first time we saw snow, but hey that’s what Big Bear and Tahoe are for) and the chaos that is the airport on a snowy day. Our flight got canceled and we were rebooked to a flight on Monday morning – the next earliest flight. It was incredibly stressful in the moment, but the two of us are now sitting in the comfort of a family friend’s place in New Jersey, with an extra day tomorrow to explore the lesser of the two coasts (West Coast Best Coast, heh).

It’s easy to look at an unideal situation and think, “Oh man, that sucks.” But a bit of patience, foresight, and optimism help to get you through.

Hey – make it a great day (or two, or three,) or not – the choice is yours!


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