Home alone? 3 things you need to know

(That title sounds so clickbait-y, but clickbait is called that because it works, right?)

I am seldom home alone when I am back in LA, but on the few occasions that I am, I like to invite friends over to sleepover so it’s a little less lonely.

Over my “winter break” (I never thought I could say that again, but I basically had a 4 week long vacation!), there were a few days where I was holding down the fort on my own. I invited one of my friends over (WHS and UC Berkeley grads) to catch up and hang out.

The portable heater was turned on in my room, and I didn’t think twice when I lent my hairdryer to her. Long story short – we blew a fuse. (Normally, I dry my hair in the bathroom but this time, both electrical appliances were plugged in my room.)

For the next 30 minutes or so, the two of us ran up and down the stairs, in and out of the house, looking for the electric fuse box. It was late, and all of our parents were asleep and unable to help. We eventually figured out where it was the next day. In our defense, the exterior of the box was painted so it blended in with the walls outside the garage, and looked nothing like the one in our apartment.

That night makes for a funny story, and got me thinking about some of the important things that don’t immediately come to mind when we are home alone. 

  1. Know where your electric fuse box is

  2. Know your alarm code and pin

  3. Know where your tools are

What else do you think is important? Have funny home alone stories of your own? Let me know!

Photo by Mason Chan.


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