one spring day

Short vlog of a date I planned for my boyfriend before he headed off to Chicago for the summer. 🙂

Our itinerary included a quick coffee stop at Joe & the Juice before wandering hopelessly near the SF Temporary Transbay station looking for the free Presidio shuttle (there’s no sign at that stop, you sort of just stand there and check the arrival times, and eventually you’ll see it – but you may need to wave wildly at the bus driver).

We eventually found the shuttle and took it to the Presidio for a very brief and leisurely hike (more of a walk) at Lover’s Lane. This whetted our appetite, and we made our way to Home Cafe‘s new location in the Richmond district. A mom and pop cafe, they became incredibly popular on my Instagram feed with the discovery of their colorful birthday cake latte.

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 3.51.16 PM.png

Taken from a previous visit to the Sunset location of Home Cafe, featuring an affogato and their famous birthday cake latte. 

Annie (one of the owners) welcomed us in and was friendly and patient as we took a few minutes deciding what to order. We got a lavender tea latte and a Holy Cow (mooo, it’s a condensed milk latte!), and shared an Avo-cuddle toast (can their names get any cuter?!)

We then headed over to Golden Gate Park for the highlight of our trip – paddleboating! We rented a paddleboat for an hour from Stow Lake Boathouse for a slightly hefty price of $27 (they also ask for a $5 cash deposit for the boat, which they return to you after you finish your boating adventure). We still found it a worthwhile way to spend a sunny SF afternoon, especially since paddleboats are a bit harder to come by than my childhood days.

We ended our one spring da(y)te with some pizza from Blondie’s (I guess they’re officially called “Abe’s” now) and some My Neighbor Totoro on in the background. It was a nice day.

Illustration by Jenny Yu.


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